Happy New Year!  2023 has been another challenging year for California employers.  Some of the critical issues for employers included returning employees to the office after COVID-19, the California Supreme Court’s ruling that employers could not enforce PAGA waivers in arbitration agreements, the continuing onslaught of PAGA litigation, and the new employment laws passed for 2024.

This Friday’s Five focuses on the enormous amount of work put forth by our team at Zaller Law Group (ZLG) during 2023 in helping California employers deal with and stay informed with California legal developments:

1. 54 Blog Posts

The California Employment Law Report was a primary resource ZLG uses to provide updates about California employment law during the year.  Our blog will continue to be one of the first places new legal issues that employers need to know about are posted.  If you are not already a subscriber, you can subscribe to the blog here:  https://www.californiaemploymentlawreport.com/subscribe/

2. Over 20 webinars conducted

We hosted a number of webinars through our Firm, as well as in partnership with various organizations.  These webinars were a great source of information for California employers to stay informed about California’s quickly developing issues.

3. 71 YouTube Videos

There were over 68,000 views of the Firm’s video content on our YouTube channel.  Our number of subscribers to the channel continues to rise each year.  Currently there are over 2,300 subscribers. Feel free to check out our channel here: Employment Law Report – YouTube.

4. Most viewed LinkedIn Post: Discussion of Los Angeles Times article I was quoted in regarding litigation facing restaurants over service charges and tips.

The Los Angeles Times article discussed the ins and outs of tips and service fees under California law. If you’ve ever been puzzled by these rules as a consumer or a business, the article is a great read.  My LinkedIn post discussing the article was the most viewed post during 2023 – understandably as it is a critical issue facing California’s hospitality industry. 

5. 10 employees of Zaller Law Group.

The work described above is a testament to the dedication of the attorneys and staff at Zaller Law Group on how hard the team works to reach these accomplishments in 2023 – especially considering that this work is in addition to the normal litigation obligations the team provides in defending employers in court.

Wishing everyone the best for 2024, and we look forward to assisting California employers in successfully navigating California employment laws in the New Year!