There are a lot of California employment law developments at the mid-point of 2019.  Below are five recent videos from our YouTube Channel discussing these new developments.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep current.

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1. Uniforms in the Workplace – New Case Law: Townley v. BJ’s Restaurants

In Townley v. BJ’s Restaurant, the California Court of Appeal recently ruled that employers are not required to reimburse employees for slip-resistant shoes as they do not qualify as a uniform under California law.  This video addresses this new case, as well as other issues related to uniforms, such as:

  • When must an employer pay for a uniform?
  • When does the employer have to pay for the costs of cleaning the uniform?
  • Can an employer require a deposit for a uniform?

2. What Employers Can do to Protect Against Class Action Claims:

Since insurance does not cover class action claims, what can you do as an employer to protect yourself in these situations?  I discuss a few options in this video.

3. 5 Key Issues for Terminations in California:

Terminations. It is not a subject you cover in management class, or any class for that reason. But yet the termination process is one of the more common business decisions that will receive the most scrutiny, and are probably the most legally challenged decisions in the workplace.

4. California Legislature Places Gig Economy in Cross-hairs:

The California legislature is setting its sights on limiting employers’ use of independent contractors in the gig economy.

5. Minimum Wage Increases on the State and Local Levels: What you Need to Know

Here’s a brief overview of what employers need to know about minimum wage increases.