Governor Newsom signed a new law this week restricting employers from asking about marijuana use and conducting certain drug tests for applicants and employees.  This Friday’s Five covers what the new law means for employers in the context of existing law governing employer’s ability to ask, test, and regulate employee’s use of marijuana in the

As we end May 2022 and break for Memorial Day weekend, there were some major case develops within the last week for California employers.  Here are five key highlights California employers need to know about:

1. Naranjo v. Spectrum Security Services, Inc. – Penalties just increased for non-compliant meal and rest breaks. 

This week, the

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving weekend.  This Friday’s Five is about five common questions I’m receiving from California employers at the close of 2016.

1. Does the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in California with the passage of proposition 64 change employer’s rights to prohibit it in the workplace?

No.  Proposition