Why should you attend my firm’s webinar, “New Employment Laws Facing California Employers in 2023” taking place next Friday, October 21, 2022? Here are five reasons:

  1. A lot has taken place in 2022. It is worth one hour of your time to begin to learn about the major employment legal developments that California employers must contend with in 2023 and beyond.
  2. The Governor signed a significant number of new employment-related laws in the 2022 legislative year. We will cover the major laws enacted that will impact California employers in 2023.
  3. Gain insights into major employment cases decided in 2022 and cases that will impact employers in 2023.
  4. Gain insights into what modifications must be made to current practices, employment handbooks and policies.  For example, SB 1162 requires with 100 or more employees to provide further pay data information to the state, and that these reports be provided by the second Wednesday of May 2023.  Moreover, the new law also requires employers with 15 or more employees to include the pay scale for a position in any job posting.
  5. The best reason – it is free.  However, there are a limited number of spaces available, and we have already had a high level of registrations. I recommend registering early.

Sorry for the short post this week, but we have been very busy this week helping clients.  Hope to see you in the webinar next Friday (10/21/22). Registration is here.