Happy New Year!  No doubt 2020 has been a challenging year for California employers.  There were many new COVID-related laws to deal with from whether certain companies could continue to operate, testing issues for employees, and the various Federal, state and local paid sick leave requirements.

This Friday’s Five focuses on the enormous amount of work put forth by our team at Zaller Law Group (ZLG) during 2020 in helping California employers deal with the new and ever-changing laws related to COVID-19, in addition to keeping informed about the usual California employment law developments.  2020 kept the attorneys and staff at the Firm on their toes, and the highlights below show how our lawyers and staff were able to step up and assist employers during this difficult year (and while working most of the time from their homes).

Here are five highlights on how Zaller Law Group was supporting California employers:

1. 94 Blog Posts

The California Employment Law Report was a primary resource ZLG used to provide updates about California employment law during the year.  The blog will continue be one of the first places new updates are first posted.  Readers can subscribe to the blog here.  https://www.californiaemploymentlawreport.com/subscribe/

2. 51 Podcast Episodes

Our podcast, Zaller Talk, is available on most podcast platforms, such as Spotify and iTunes.

My top two favorite episodes for 2020 were the interviews I had with Loraine Salazar, co-owner of Sal’s Mexican Restaurants, and Joseph Pitruzzelli, founder and owner of Wurstkuche.

3. 134 YouTube Videos

There were over 85,000 views of the Firm’s video content.  On YouTube, the watch time consisted of over 4,000 hours, and there were over 500 new subscribers to the channel in 2020: Employment Law Report – YouTube.

4. Over 35 webinars conducted

The attorneys at the Firm were outstanding in quickly preparing easy to understand summaries of developing issues throughout the year.  Some of the webinars were planned with less than 24 hours to deal with new developments for California employers.  The best way to be informed about any upcoming webinars is to subscribe to the blog here (subscribers to the blog are notified of webinars available to the public).

5. 8 employees of Zaller Law Group (our 9th is starting January 4 – but more on this later).

It is a testament to the dedication of the attorneys and staff at Zaller Law that this relatively small team could do so much during 2020 – especially considering that this work is in addition to the normal litigation obligations the team has in defending employers in court.

Wishing everyone the best this year, and we look forward to assisting California employers in successfully navigating California employment laws in 2021!