noncompetition agreements

February is off to a fast start for employers on a state and on the Los Angeles local level.  This Friday’s Five covers updates on California pay data reporting site, and LA City and County minimum wage announcements, deadline for employers to provide notices to employees who have noncompetition agreements, and updates to the required

Employers considering implementing noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements for their California workforce must understand the differences in these agreements, and California’s public policy against restraints against an employee’s ability to work in their profession or trade.  This Friday’s Five covers the top five issues employers must know about noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements in California.

1. Noncompetition

Were Silicon Valley companies artificially keeping wages lower by having an agreement not to poach employees from competitors? This issue came to a head in 2010 when the Department of Justice settled an antitrust case with Adobe, Pixar, Google, Apple, Inuit, and Intel. The DOJ alleged that the companies had agreement not to poach each

The case of David Donatelli is a good reminder to employers how important choice of law provisions can be in noncompetition agreements. The Trade Secrets and Noncompete Blog recently chronicled a fight between EMC Corp (based in Massachusetts) and Hewlett Packard Co. (based in California) over the enforceability of a noncompetition agreement with a former