This Friday’s Five highlights five recent recordings of common questions we are hearing from California businesses during the last few weeks of June 2020.

1. Coronavirus Reasonable Accommodation Requests

ZLG partner, Anne McWilliams, gives an overview of employees who may qualify for certain accommodation requests during the coronavirus pandemic. Anthony Zaller follows with a discussion on a recent case (EEOC v. Baystate Medical Center), regarding an employee who believed they were unlawfully terminated.


2. US Supreme Court Ruling on Sex Discrimination and Title VII

ZLG partner, Anthony Zaller, discusses the new ruling by SCOTUS on Sex Discrimination in the workplace, as the Supreme Court holds that “An employer who fires an individual for merely being gay or transgender violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Date of Recording: June 19, 2020.


3. LA County Health Department Inspections

ZLG partner, Anne McWilliams, discusses how the LA County Health Department is inspecting an increasing number of restaurants to make sure that they are compliant with California COVID-19 health guidelines. Date of Recording: June 19, 2020.


4. CDC’s “Return to Work Timeline” for Essential Workers Who Test Positive for COVID-19

Description: ZLG partner, Anthony Zaller, goes into detail about what an employer’s timeline should look like for bringing back essential workers that have tested positive for COVID-19.


5. New Face Cloth Covering Mandate in California

ZLG attorney, Rick Reyes, discusses the new mandate by the state of California, requiring all people in California-subject to certain restrictions-to wear face coverings when going out in public. Date of Recording: June 19, 2020.