I was honored to moderate a panel discussion on best practices for employers to manage their workforces.  On the panel was Andrea Borgen, owner of Barcito, Edith Quintero, West Cost People & Development for Soho House & Co., and Jamie Boalbey, Director of Operations for Pitfire Pizza.  While the discussion had a focus on restaurant operations, the lessons are applicable to almost every type of business.  This Friday’s Five review the top five points I took away from our discussion:

1. Restaurant operators of all sizes face similar issues. Large or small, the key issues for a successful company are employees and company culture. 

2. Tipping policies are still a primary concern for restaurants.

3. Company culture is key:

  • To build culture, the company must do what it says it is going to do.
  • Utilize technology to communicate with employees. For example, Workplace on Facebook can be a cost-effective tool.

4. Hiring and recruiting are critical to a company’s success:

  • Connecting with applicants quickly and on a personal level helps recurring efforts. Two to three interviews during the interview process provides good interaction with the applicants.  Contacting references is critical.
  • Don’t let good applicants leave the interview without knowing what the next step is in the interview process.
  • Retention starts with the first interview. The interview process must ensure there is a match, not just from the company’s prospective, but does the applicant agree with the company’s culture?
  • But it does not stop there, and employees need continual training and engagement.

5. There are pros and cons to third party delivery platforms.

  • If your restaurant is not a fast-casual restaurant, the food may not travel well, but the service does open other markets for the restaurants.  This is incremental business that if a restaurant does not capture, it will go somewhere else.

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