Happy Friday!  This Friday’s Five focuses on the termination process.  Employers should develop a termination checklist to ensure all documents and contingencies are consistently covered during the process.  Here are five pointers employers can use to start in developing their own checklist:

1.      Final wages must be timely paid.

The employee’s wages must be paid

Employers usually face defamation claims in connection with wrongful termination allegations.  Defamation claims can arise in twoNestor Galina forms: libel (written) and slander (spoken).  Defamation can result from a variety of different scenarios, such as: statements made to others during a workplace investigation, explaining to colleagues the reasons why an employee was terminated, the employee’s claim

In addition to wrongful termination claims brought by terminated employees, employers also face an additional cause of action for slander.  In a recent appellate decision, The Nethercutt Collection v. Regalia, the Plaintiff was terminated from his employment at a classic car museum. Regalia asserted causes of action for wrongful termination in violation of public