This week, my firm rolled out its 1st annual “Sign or Veto Contest.”  The California legislature closed the 2022 legislative year and presented bills to the Governor at the end of August, which are now waiting for his veto or signature.  We created this contest for you to register what you believe will be the ultimate fate on critical California employment law bills.  Five reasons to submit your predictions in our 1st annual contest:

  1. Show off your California employment law chops. As an avid reader of the California Employment Law Report blog, we know you are looking for any reason to show off your employment law knowledge.
  2. Learn about proposed employment laws facing employers in 2023. Keeping current, and learning in the process.
  3. Test your understanding of what the California employment law landscape will look like in 2023. Apart from your employment law knowledge, let’s see how well you understand the political landscape.

    Win the best looking California employment law firm trucker hat.
  4. It is free and not graded. Don’t worry if all of your predictions are wrong – we won’t tell anyone.
  5. Winners will receive the best-looking California employment law firm trucker hat. To our knowledge – it is the only employment law firm trucker hat.

Register your predictions at the link below as soon as possible (we close the contest on September 23 – and if there are multiple winners, we have a limited number of hats, but those who vote first get priority):