In order to explain the law and answer questions employers have about implementing policies to comply with the requirement that all employers provide up to three paid sick leave days starting July 1, 2015, the Department of Industrial Relations is hosting a free webinar. It is taking place on April 8, 2015, from noon to 1 p.m.

Employers also have the opportunity to submit questions prior to the webinar to: I’ve embedded the DIR announcement below, or click here for additional information about how to attend.

AB1522 Webinar Announcement

In addition, the DIR has published a Facts and Resources slide deck about the new law:

Paid Sick Leave Facts and Resources

These are good resources for employers to review to help understand some of the compliance issues that need to be addressed prior to July 1. It is already mid-March, and I recommend that all employers start addressing this issue now in order to be compliant by July 1. As I’ve written about before, there are many elements California employers need to address that take some time to implement, and before you know it July 1 will be here.