Apple is announcing the iPad 3 today, and given that it’s probably going to dominate the news cycle, I decided I should join in the hype. Don’t get me wrong, the iPad is great, and I use mine very day. People use iPads to fly airplanes, play instruments, avoid getting lost by using the sun as a compass, helps doctors care for patients. Did I mention that you can use it to fly an airplane?

The iPad can also lend the HR professional a helping hand. Here are some apps I recommend for HR professionals to assist them in their day-to-day jobs:

1. Evernote [Free (upgrade to premium account for $5.00 per month or $45 per year)]

This is a very popular app generally speaking. It is a great app to organize all types of data – notes, documents, even business cards. For HR managers, I could easily see this app being used to set up a folder for each employee, and uploading information regarding employees’ personnel file, disciplinary actions, and notes for day-to-day employee counseling. All content on Evernote is searchable – even PDFs. I use it to help me keep my personal items organized as well.  In fact, I’m using Evernote to write this article. All data is stored on the cloud, and can be synced with your computer also.

2. Sugar Sync [5GB free, additional storage plans start at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year]

This app is great for syncing various work computers so that a document you created on your laptop is accessible on your desktop. It also stores your documents in the cloud, so if you are at a remote location or at home, you can still access your documents.

3. UPad  [$4.99]

I use this app to take notes on PDFs. It has great functionality. It can also be used as a memo pad to take hand written notes. If you are giving presentations through your iPad (see #10 below) it could also be incorporated into your presentation to highlight relevant portions of policies or documents you are discussing.

4. Holiday Plus [$0.99]

List of US holidays. Provides week number and number of days until the next holiday. 

5. Calendar Card [Free]

List of holidays in 123 countries for HR managers with an international workforce.

6. LinkedIn [Free]

Manage your LinkedIn account on your iPad.  By the way, you also need to join the California HR Network group.

7. Interview Questions Pro [Free]

This is primarily for employees preparing for an interview. However, it provides some good questions to use in interviews. Has sample questions for: candidate issues, behavior issues, work history, and critical thinking. Oh, did I mention the price – free.

8. Employee Tracker Pro [$5.99]

I always tell my clients to document, document, document. When facing the business of the workday, documenting employees’ accomplishments and infractions often goes undone. This app can be used to solve that issue. Enter employees’ names, and then the app allows the user to document good or bad behavior, date and time, supervisor on duty, and a description. The records can then be sent by email.

9. Direct Report: Employee Feedback Tracker for iPad [$4.99]

Another app to record employee feedback. Now there are no excuses for failing to document employee conduct!

10. Keynote [$9.99]

Apple’s alternative to PowerPoint. Great app for presentations. Connect your iPad to an external display or projector, and you can leave your laptop in the office.

Bonus: 11.  GoToMeeting [Free]

Keep up with your continuing education credits by attending webinars and meetings through on your iPad.  Interested in testing this app out?  Drop me an email to attend my next webinar on policies California employers need to have in their handbooks.

So what are you waiting for? Get your company to buy you that new iPad3.

Have any additional recommendations for apps you like to use?  Add them to the comments section.