In an interesting and surprising turn of events, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency responsible for enforcing federal anti-discrimination laws in the workplace, removed the Frequently Asked Questions section from its website. The FAQ provided guidance on accommodating workers with medical conditions, issues of harassment and retaliation, and a “Return to Work” due to the movement towards opening the economy post-pandemic.

The EEOC is currently revising its previous guidance to ensure greater clarity and to avoid any misinterpretation by employers and the public-at-large.  As such, employers should monitor and check the EEOC’s website constantly, as the updated guidance could be published rather soon.  As of now, the EEOC’s website still provides information and Q&A section with respect to these issues, which employers can review here.

The EEOC has also consolidated its COVID-19 resources under a single page, which can be accessed here. As employers continue to navigate these murky waters, it is imperative that they remain attentive to all local, state and federal developments in dealing with these issues.  The better informed businesses are, the better prepared they will be when they decide to re-open.