Today marks the official introduction of the California Employment Law Report.

Why start another blog about California employment law? I’ve been continually blogging about California employment law since about the middle of 2005 in various forms. This blog is my “excuse” to keep up-to-date, think about law in different creative ways that sometimes practicing does now allow for, and to keep the practice of employment law fun. Yes, I said fun. For lawyers out there who are burnt-out on the practice of law, and who are ready to turn to a new profession, I recommend that you start your own law firm and a blog. As my own boss, I can now see how rewarding the practice of law truly is, and it took having to not worry about whether I am an hour or two short on my billables or stuck litigating a strategy I do not believe is the best for the client. I hope that this independent voice will come through on this blog, and will add to the discussion about California employment law. 

The technology that allows for blogs is quickly changing our world. This is very similar to (if not to a greater extent) the changes the printing press had on society. I cannot state the importance of the Internet’s role in almost every aspect of life today. The Internet has changed, and will continue to change, the practice of law and lawyers need to keep up. There are a few still out there trying to fight this change, but it is all too apparent that we live in a new world (and have been living in it for some time now). In addition to employment law, this blog will also focus on how technology affects the employer-employee relationship and the practice of employment law from a litigation perspective. 

Adapting to these great developments in technology, I am conducting webinars on new developments in employment law, and will occasionally post the audio of the webinars here. I also will post my podcasts, which can be subscribed to through iTunes. I can also be followed on Twitter at @Anthonyzaller. I am sure there will be many new ways I will be able to communicate with anyone who is interested in the near future – and I will try my best to keep up. 

I am looking forward to the discussion…