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Friday’s Five: Five legal pitfalls startup companies cannot make

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, Employee Handbooks, Wage & Hour Law
1. Classifying all employees as independent contractors To qualify as an independent contractor, the employer has the burden of proof to establish that the worker is actually an independent contractor and not an employee. I’ve discussed the parameter of this “economic realities” test here.  In addition to owing unpaid minimum wages and potential unpaid overtime,… Continue Reading

Everything Employers Need To Know About Social Media In the Workplace In 2013

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, Employee Handbooks, Technology & Law
I will be conducting a webinar on January 15, 2013 on legal issues of social media in the workplace. The presentation will cover everything a California employer needs to know about social media in the modern workplace of 2013: Discussion on the new law (Labor Code section 960) that prohibits employers from asking applicants and… Continue Reading

Inside Litigation Over Social Media Accounts – Why Employers Should Have Social Media Policies – Part I

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, Technology & Law
As previously written about on this blog, the case PhoneDog v. Kravtiz is one of the first cases in the country to deal with substantive ownership issues arising out of social media accounts used in the workplace. As companies are moving more and more away from traditional marketing and advertising towards the use of social… Continue Reading