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Friday’s Five: Facebook “likes” and employee’s calling employer “asshole” can be protected activities

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FB mehJillian Sanzone worked for Three D, LLD, d/b/a Triple Play Sports Bar and Grille, as a waitress and bartender and Vincent Spinella worked as a cook.  The employees realized that they owed more money in State income taxes than expected and complained to the employer.  Sanzone, Spinella, and another former employee, Jamie LaFrance, began posting… Continue Reading

Friday’s Five: Five recent employment law developments employers should heed

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, California Legislation Update, Class Actions, New Cases, Wage & Hour Law
This Friday’s Five covers five employment law developments that occurred in August 2015 that will have an impact for employers in California. 1)     NLRB ruling widens which companies may be considered “joint employers” In a 3-2 decision, the NLRB ruled that Browning-Ferris Industries of California, Inc. was a joint employer with a staffing agency, Leadpoint… Continue Reading

Everything Employers Need To Know About Social Media In the Workplace In 2013

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, Employee Handbooks, Technology & Law
I will be conducting a webinar on January 15, 2013 on legal issues of social media in the workplace. The presentation will cover everything a California employer needs to know about social media in the modern workplace of 2013: Discussion on the new law (Labor Code section 960) that prohibits employers from asking applicants and… Continue Reading

Proposed Bill Gives NLRB And OSHA Right To Review Emails And Other Electronic Information Without Search Warrant

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, New Cases, Technology & Law
There is concern about a bill making its way through the Senate that would drastically change individuals’ privacy interest in their internet communications and “cloud” information. The bill, named the Electronic Communications Privacy Act Amendments Act of 2011, originally started out as offering more protection to individuals, but after law enforcement expressed its concerns about… Continue Reading

NLRB Issues New Memo On Validity of Social Media Policies

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, Employee Handbooks, New Cases, Technology & Law
In October 2012 the National Labor Relations Board issued an advice memorandum regarding whether an employer’s social media policy violated the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”). This memorandum is of importance because the NLRB has issued findings recently that employer’s seemingly neutral social media policies violated employees’ rights under the NLRA. Section 7 of the… Continue Reading

New NLRB Poster Required For Most Employers By The End of April

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, Employee Handbooks
There has been a lot of debate and legal action about the NLRB’s new posting requirements. However, as it now appears, most employers (union and non-union) will be required to post a new NLRB poster by April 30, 2012. For more information about the new poster, visit the NLRB’s website here. Of particular importance is… Continue Reading