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Ignoring these legal notices can create liability for California employers

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, Wage & Hour Law
man signing documentHappy Friday!  This Friday’s Five provides five legal requests and/or notices that, if ignored, can create huge liability for a California employer. 1. Requests for personnel records and time records There are many different Labor Code provisions that obligate the employer to provide current and former employees with a copy of their personnel files and/or… Continue Reading

Friday’s Five: Five ways employers can receive requests for employees’ personnel and wage records

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, Employee Handbooks, Wage & Hour Law
Employers can receive requests for employment records of current and former employees though different ways. It is important for employers to first carefully review the request to understand what is being requested. It is important to understand who is making the request? Is the request only seeking a personnel file? Is the request only seeking… Continue Reading