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California Supreme Court closes out 2016 with monumental ruling on employer’s obligations to provide rest periods

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, Class Actions, Employee Handbooks, Meal and Rest Breaks, New Cases, Wage & Hour Law
Woman restingIn Augustus v. ABM Security Services, Inc., the California Supreme Court issued a ruling on employer’s obligations to permit employees to take “off-duty” rest periods.  The Court’s ruling ends 2016 with a major ruling on issues surrounding rest periods under California law. The plaintiffs worked as security guards for defendant ABM.  The employer required to… Continue Reading

Are on-duty meal periods valid in California?

Posted in Class Actions, Meal and Rest Breaks, Wage & Hour Law
As many California employers know, ignoring or failing to comply with the requirements of providing meal and rest breaks in California can create huge liability for companies. California law does allow for “on-duty” meal periods, whereby the employee takes a meal break, but while still working. Employers sometimes view this exception as an easy alternative… Continue Reading

Employees Entitled Up To Two Hours Of Premium Pay For Missed Meal and Rest Breaks Per Day – UPS v. Superior Court

Posted in Class Actions, Meal and Rest Breaks, New Cases, Wage & Hour Law
California Labor Code section 226.7 provides that employees are entitled to receive premium payment in the form of one additional hour of pay at the employee’s regular rate of pay for a missed meal or rest break. As the appellate court admitted in UPS v. Superior Court, this Labor Code provision is amenable to the… Continue Reading