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Interview With Guy Kawasaki on Enchantment

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, California Employment Law Podcasts
I recently had the opportunity to interview Guy Kawasaki about his New York Times best selling book Enchantment.  I like to think of the interview as an extra chapter to Enchantment specifically for business owners and human resource managers about how to effectively manage employees.  We spoke about the following topics: HR departments should be… Continue Reading

Introducing the California Employment Law Report

Posted in California Employment Law Podcasts
 Today marks the official introduction of the California Employment Law Report. Why start another blog about California employment law? I’ve been continually blogging about California employment law since about the middle of 2005 in various forms. This blog is my “excuse” to keep up-to-date, think about law in different creative ways that sometimes practicing does now allow… Continue Reading

Update on Brinker v. Superior Court and other California Wage and Hour Issues

Posted in Best Practices For California Employers, California Employment Law Podcasts, Class Actions, Expense Reimbursement, Meal and Rest Breaks, New Cases, Wage & Hour Law
I recently conducted a webinar on new developments involving meal and rest breaks, expense reimbursement, paid time off pitfalls, and other wage and hour issues California employers should be aware of.  It is approximately 30 minutes.  Click here to download, or click here to listen via iTunes.… Continue Reading